About Us

Trisystems is the leading provider in hiring public address systems, photography and video coverage in Kenya. We have high-tech Dj turntables, mixers, microphones, cameras, speakers, and microphone. We offer, the lowest prices and delivery around Nairobi.

Our Systems

Events We Cover

We provide a memorable experience for your guest at private parties like birthdays, dowry, goat-eating, graduation parties, and house parties.

Moreover, our systems are well suited for corporate gathering such as conferences and symposiums. The variety for this events include high-tech mic, DJ Turntable, amplifiers, and speakers.

Tris Stoney System is the best company in offering public address systems that are user-friendly to win you votes. Reach a big audience with our powerful speakers boosted by powerful amplifiers.

Having a wedding? We are the best at wedding entertainments. Our DJs are updated in the latest songs that match the gatherings.